What makes Colombian women so desirable?

People have started to realize that Colombia is a great destination to meet beautiful Latinas, because it is still cheap and convenient to visit. Bogota is about a six hour flight from Newark, so even from the Northeast or Midwest you can be in Colombia in less than a day. However, from what I can see, if you live in the USA, it looks like you can probably find a flight to Colombia for about the same price as a flight from LA to New York. Of course, what really matter is not how you get to Colombia, but what you do when you get there.

Colombia has a lot of urban areas, so it may be difficult to know which one is best for finding the ladies. If you ask people from Colombia which city has the most beautiful women, you will never get the same answer. Here is a quick rundown on some of the best cities to visit in Colombia if you want to meet single Colombian women:. Medellin is a big city that welcomes Westerners and has a laid back attitude. The women are friendly and love to party. Write down the number to a cab before you leave your room and have it handy in case of emergencies.

Medellin is a big city.

Colombian Mail Order Brides

It is comparable to New York or Los Angeles, the most beautiful women from small towns thru-out Colombia flock here to become models, actresses and beauty queens. When in Medellin its best to just enjoy yourself. The locals are always smiling, the weather is nice, and the women are beautiful.

You can pretty much do whatever you want. Go shopping, or dancing! If you are looking for a professional, urban Colombian woman head over to Bogota. The city is filled with all the modern amenities including shopping malls, skyscrapers, and nightlife.

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Here you will find college students, artists and an environment similar to some American cities. Bogota is considered one of the safest cities in Colombia and its women are family-oriented and professional. These women are also focused and serious about finding a husband. It has a very diverse population and is heavily influenced by Afro Caribbean culture. It is a party city, and the women there are eager to entertain. The city is rich with culture and architecture so romance should be easy to find, and the women are extremely friendly to foreigners.

Not far from Cartagena is a hot bed of hot Colombianas. The women of this city love the beach, parties and generally having fun. Barranquilla women can also boast numerous Ms. Further south, lies the city of Cali, and just like in the US, Cali will not be overlooked. Known for its natural beauty and plastic women, this city also loves salsa music and is rich with culture. Although not as developed as other popular Colombian cities, the women of Cali like to party and enjoy the finer things in life. A more tropical destination than some of the others, the women in this city are confident and fun.

Cali is not regularly frequented by Westerners, but if you have a decent amount of money and speak some Spanish the locals will treat you nicely. Colombian women are raised as independent, high achievers.

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They are intelligent, concerned about their looks and have naturally shapely sun-kissed bodies. Because of this, you would think that it would be hard to approach a Colombian woman. That is not the case. Unlike what you will find in Europe and even other parts of Latin America, Colombians will give you their basic information if you ask. They will also almost always hold a conversation with you.

This may not mean they are necessarily interested in you, but at least they give you the time of day.

Why Date Colombian Women?

Some Colombian women seem to be a little stuck up, especially if they come from a family with money. These women are easy to spot because they will be very concerned about status and appearance. You may need to impress these ladies with a nice car and expensive dining, but this is probably about the same as in the US or Europe. Colombianas are quite independent but they still like to be treated like a princess. If you are meeting a lady for a date it is expected that you pick her up.

Inviting her to your room or to meet you somewhere will not get you very far. This next tip should almost go without saying, but it is very important to not overlook. When going on a date with a woman from Colombia make sure you are groomed, clean, and smell good. These women put a lot of effort into their appearance and would appreciate a man that does the same. Shorts and sandals are generally frowned upon even in the warmer cities of Medellin and Cali. Most of them have delicious dark hair and eyes. Because of the tropical climate in most of Colombia, the women wear open and colorful clothing so their beauty is certainly more noticeable.

Behind their obvious external beauty and natural grace, Colombian women have no less appealing personalities. Generally they are considered to be faithful, responsible and understanding wives. Colombian women have a very strong sense of family and keep to their traditional values in which marriage, religion, and family are very important.

And so should you — since you ended up on a dating website. You must have heard one or two love stories about gentlemen meeting their Colombian brides online. You may have also heard some less encouraging stories where the marriage fell apart shortly after, or the gentleman got scammed.

Such stories render one reasonably skeptical about the idea of marrying a girl from a faraway land. First, the stats say that international marriages through mail order brides last by far longer than average. This is because the two get to make sure that they are a perfect match for each other before they make the critical decision of uniting in a holy matrimony.

In this way, employing a mail order brides agency to organize your family life is more beneficial than the old-fashioned way. It exists everywhere where money is concerned. To confront it, mail order brides services demand that the local dating agencies with whom they cooperate guarantee that all the girls are real and authentic.

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  7. For this, the agencies perform check-ups on the girls whose profiles they list on their websites. These check-ups include not only checking her eligibility for marriage actual age and marital status , but also interviewing her to make sure that she is there to get happily married and not with any other purpose in mind. Now, just think about it — did anyone perform such check-ups on a girl you meet at a bar?

    In this way, mail order bride services are, in fact, more secure than the old-fashioned way. These are only a few aspects why looking for your ideal bride overseas is an excellent idea.

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    The Epitome of Latin beauty ColombiaLady. Why Colombian women choose to date foreigners First of all, they want the respect that they deserve. In Colombia, it is still sadly common to mistreat women and to ignore their opinions and emotions. She seeks a man who will see her for the person she is and not just an attractive body that can also cook. For that matter, domestic violence, including that of sexual nature, still occurs all too often in this country, but the society seems to always have more important problems to deal with while women keep suffering.

    Being surrounded by such gorgeous women, it is to some extent understandable why so many Colombian men fail to preserve their faithfulness. Still, the best Colombian brides despise infidelity, so they often seek a man elsewhere.