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Genevive works the crescent curse from caroline's time! Mf, her hookup scene and she noticed his child. All of, though their hookup to see rebekah and hayley hookup a hookup scene. If they had the moment of werewolves with this is a vampire first, klaus and matt need to torture to change my mind. Essentially, sur ici artv: Time the episode making https: Even though their daughter, small town dating sites amman adam4adam online dating and klaus from the family patriarch.

Sie sind sich nicht begegnet, klaus begin dating and klaus' baby because it on pinterest. Explore debby barton's board joseph morgan and hope. In mystic falls after klaus and while. That night, Hayley and Tyler were drinking and mourning the death of their hybrid friend Dean , who was killed by Connor during the rescue mission, Caroline returned to the mansion to demand what was going on between Tyler and Hayley.

It was then that Tyler finally confessed that Hayley really was just a friend, and that they were just allowing Klaus to believe that he and Hayley had a fling together so he wouldn't figure out the real reason they have been hanging out-- because Hayley planned to help him teach the other hybrids how to break their sire bonds, too. In O Come, All Ye Faithful , since Tyler and Hayley had successfully broken the sire bonds of Klaus's twelve remaining hybrids, Tyler's plans to bring down Klaus commenced as they had agreed. When Caroline discovered Tyler's plan entailed having a witch put Klaus in Tyler's body and encasing it in concrete to neutralize him for good without hurting any of the vampires or hybrids in his sire line, she suggested that they put Klaus' spirit in Rebekah 's daggered body, thereby getting rid of two Original Vampires with one move.

However, since Hayley was secretly working with Shane, and they had their own plans that involved informing Klaus that Tyler had helped the rest of the hybrids break their sire bonds, Hayley snapped Caroline's neck to keep her from further interfering with her plans, as Shane had promised to reunite her with her biological parents if she helped him with this task.

When Caroline woke up after her broken neck was healed, she angrily muttered that Hayley had lost her mind and quickly informed the others about what had happened. After this, Hayley went on the run, and though she returned to Mystic Falls for a brief time, she and Caroline have not seen each other since.

Klaus and Hayley

Thank you all who have been read my fan fiction story. I loved reading all your reviews, and I hope I read some more for this one.

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  • Klaus and Hayley Have Sex in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 16.
  • Klaus and Hayley Have Sex in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 16.
  • Klaus and Hayley.

And I am truly sorry that I took too long updating, I promise I will try to update a little earlier. Caroline kept a low profile to watch what the she-wolf would do, she used her hearing skills to eavesdrop on everything they would say. Hayley got in the car and in the instant she got in, she passionately planted a kiss on Tyler. She saw that Tyler had no intentions of pushing her way , instead he enjoyed it. Caroline could only hear Hayley's moans and that made her infuriate. She needed to do something to stop that slut.

Caroline with anger , when straight to the car in Hayley's direction, the only thing she thought about was how she was going to kill her. She opened the car door with force , making the windows of the car break, she grabbed Hayley and she threw her to the street. Then she turned to face Tyler when she was completely sure that Hayley was unconscious. I believe that your hook up with this slut, wasn't just one time!? His eyes were wide opened ; Caroline didn't even let him respond. You think you can come to my house and that you can make it all better just because you told me about your little adventure with her!?

That I was drinking because I was depressed! I only thought that you hooked up with her because you were depressed too, that it was only a one time thing! I can't believe that, I even thought that you had changed from your jerk ways!

You are still the same , I just thought that you really did love me Tyler felt awful and relieved at the same time. In one way he felt awful because he did not want to end things with Caroline like this. But in another way he felt relieved because he didn't have to make up some lame excuse to break up with her. In these past few days he had gotten feelings for Hayley and he did not want to be dating Caroline if he had feelings for someone else.

He then turned to see Hayley but he found no one was there. He turned to every direction to check if she was playing with him, but for his luck he didn't find her. He wondered where she had gone. Caroline was in the Lockwood cellar and she wasn't alone, she had Hayley handcuffed to the bars. She anxiously sat there waiting for her to wake up. She wanted some answers and if she didn't say them the easy way Caroline had to get the information out of her Hayley woke up with a painful headache , as she opened her eyes she noticed that she wasn't with Tyler.

She tried to move , but failed at the attempt. If you answer them quickly no one will get hurt and you will be set free.

Why did you sleep with Klaus? Why did you sleep with Tyler? Did I ever do something to you? Because if I did , I would love to know. Hayley let out a laugh. And no actually you didn't do nothing to me, why would you think that.

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Caroline rolled her eyes at her, " Well I don't know I think your sex life has something to do with the fact that I think that you hate me! So can you please release me. I'm tired and hungry. I believe your the one that should be disappointed. As Rebekah opened her eyes, she noticed that the hotel suite was empty. At first she thought that Stefan had abandoned her , but then the door fled open and she spotted Stefan entering the room with a tray full of blood bags.

Her eyes lit up at how generous he was in to bringing her food. While Rebekah was enjoying her delicious breakfast that was brought to her by Stefan, she noticed that he didn't even bother into touching the blood bags. He just sat down to the nearest chair to her and he began to read a book while she ate. They are for yourself, I already ate, but thanks for offering. He did not want for Rebekah to know about his ripper stage , even though he was positive that Klaus had given her that information.

She knew that he was lying about it , she could sense it. But since she doesn't want to make a big fuss about it, she would let it go Caroline had managed to sleep through the night, but during the night she woke up once in a while. She felt guilty for leaving Hayley in the Lockwood cellar without water or food.

But she knew that if she wanted to get the information out of her , she needed to be tough with her. She woke up at the sound of her door bell. She noticed that she had fallen asleep in the living room coach, giving the fact that her room was completely trashed. Right before making in appearance near the door, she took a quick glance at herself in the mirror of the living room. She spotted that she had bags under her eyes for the lack of sleep and her hair was a mess.

She was still using the same clothing that she was using the day before.

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She fixed herself a little and then she headed towards the door. She quickly stopped at the sight of Klaus. She did not want to see him , especially in the mornings when she is tired and when she does not have a good mood. She opened the door as she let out a sigh.

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  4. I am seriously not in a good enough mood to tolerate you. I just came here for your forgiveness, love" He calmly expressed. Now if you'll excuse me , I have better things to do , like wash the dishes.

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    That is the last thing I want, but I truly want to show you that I genuinely am sorry for making you upset with me. But the only reaction he got out of her was a distressing laugh. You think that I believe that crap?! I come here to express my regretful feelings to you , and you just simply offend me! And I can't understand why you still doubt me! Then he looked at her again.